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Companies Regulations 1997; Companies (Amendment) Regulations 2002

Purpose/description Ordinary Company Reduced fee for Non-Profit Company
For certificate of incorporation 750 150
For restoring name of company to register 300 60
For certificate of amendment of articles 300* 60
For certificate of restated articles of incorporation 25 5
For certificate of amalgamation of two companies 750 150
each additional company 100 20
For certificate of continuance 100 20
To accompany a prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus sent to the Registrar 100  
For an exemption under section 144 25†  
For exemption under section 150 or 154 25†  
For an uncertified copy of any document or part thereof, in addition to the fee for search under subparagraph (m) per page 1  
For certification of any document 10  
For any certificate or certification for which a fee is not provided 25  
For search 5  
For reservation of a name under section 514 25*  
For filing any document unrelated to anything for which a fee is provided above 25  
Annual Fee
Share Capital <= EC$ 49,999 200 Nill
from EC$ 50,000 <= EC$ 100,000 500
from EC$ 100,001 <= EC$200,000 700
for every additional $EC 100,000 over $EC $200,000 100

* Registrar has the discretion to waive fee 
† If a fee is paid in respect of an application for exemption and the application is registered, withdrawn or abandoned, no part of the fee is returnable

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